Some advice when starting a new job.

Life is short and sometimes we’ve to embrace change and take advantage of that clean slate. How we approach that new job is key to taking advantage of the fresh start and doing away with any “bad habit” that we developed in the previous one.

Remember that changing jobs give you the opportunity to be a new person. It’s a chance to become that person you’ve always admired, the same one that delivers great service, is loved and admired by others, and is truly a cut above the rest.

We suggest that one meditate on this new persona early, even before the first day in the new job. This is not disingenuous at all, but a window for self-improvement. You need not be that timid, over-stressed worker again but somebody who truly gets things done. Focus on your positive traits and shed the skin of the past.

Your new work is your next chapter, and you are the author of your future. Write it well, even if the change is difficult. Look for the fun, the exciting, and the new you. Make the change and make a difference.

Michael Giuffrida is a seasoned entrepreneur in business management, profitable growth, business valuation, mergers and acquisitions, and information technology managed services. He is a managing partner at Titan Strategic Partners. Visit this website for more insights on work efficiency.
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5 Tips To Starting Anew At Your New Job


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